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14-foot-long python belonging to the world’s longest snake species found dead on side of the road on Long Island [Video]

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14-foot python found dead along Medford, Long Island, road 00:15

New York officials said last week that they recently made a surprising discovery on New York’s Long Island. On Valentine’s Day, the Department of Environmental Conservation received a report of a massive snake along the side of a road. 

When they arrived on the scene, officers found the dead snake “curled up in a ball.” And when they were able to lay it flat, they discovered just how big it really was. The snake, which the agency said was found deceased and was originally thought to be about 12 feet long, actually measured out to be 14 feet – a length that’s roughly the same height as a single-story home. 

The snake was on the side of a road in Medford, a town just a short drive west of the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. The agency said that the snake has since been removed from the road to …

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