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Albertan Attitudes Toward Energy Transition [Video]

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Albertan Attitudes Toward Energy Transition

On our first episode of Season 5, Sara and Ed speak to Dr. Melanee Thomas ( of the University of Calgary about her survey research into Albertans’ attitudes to the energy transition, the oil and gas industry, coal and climate change. David wasn’t able to join us for this one, but he’ll be back live for Episode 2.

@00:49 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: how the public’s economic confidence in the fossil fuel industry reduces support for a clean energy transition ( )  

@2:16 Great expectations: Public opinion about energy transition  ( )

@11:21 CanCO2Re Initiative ( )  

@12:35 Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels, boosted by energy security strengths  ( )

@17:00 Forget Ottawa — Albertans growing alienated from their own leaders, too ( )

@19:30 Investment Impact of Alberta’s Renewable Energy Moratorium (,and%20geothermal%2C%20though%20excluding%20microgeneration)

@19:44 Suncor has been too focused on energy transition, must get back to fundamentals: CEO ( )

@20:14 Ottawa to reveal plan for emissions cap on oil and gas this fall ( )

@22:25 Alberta oil industry wary of NDP government (

@26:50 Alberta Energy Regulator: Coal Production (,natural%20gas%20as%20a%20feedstock)

@33:23 Mark Carney Sees ‘Wall of Opportunity’ for Energy Investors (

@36:50 Coal Boss Takes Climate Change Denial to the Extreme ( )  

@40:14 Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority ( )  

@43:28 Psychosocial adaptation to climate change in High River, Alberta: implications for policy and practice (Hayes et al.) (

@45:43 The Impact of Wildfires on Mental Health: A Scoping Review (To et al.)  ( )

Energy vs Climate: How climate is changing our energy systems (

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