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All Electric Pickups Are Awesome, But They’re Going To Slow EV Adoption [Video]

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This is mostly just my opinion of course, but fewer full size EV pickups is actually a good thing! I am sure however, that people who really want a fully electric ½ – 1 ton EV pickup would beg to differ. A full size pickup needs a lot more batteries, about two to three times as many actually, as subcompact – midsize vehicles. They also do more damage to roads (due to weight) and of course are more likely to severely injure or kill those they might collide with (especially pedestrians). What we need to focus on are plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and hybrid (HEV) full size pickups until battery supply or technology advances to the point where every other light duty passenger vehicle are not constrained by battery availability and more energy dense batteries are available to power these energy hungry full size pickups. Full size PHEV pickups, if plugged …

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