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An eco-friendly way to keep street cats warm in Egypt goes viral (Watch Video) The Yucatan Times

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In Giza, Egypt locals came up with an eco-friendly way to keep stray cats warm and safe during the cold winter

CAIRO, EGYPT (REUTERS).- The upcycled shelters are made of old car tires.

The tires provide thermal insulation shielding for street cats during the cold winter in Cairo.


“They (cats) live in very difficult conditions. As we can see, there is snowfall and heavy rainfall in Egypt as a result of climate change. We are trying to be one step ahead for stray animals who are at risk. They need to be protected from the temperature. Even 10 degrees warmer will make a huge difference for them.”

The prototypes can house five cats each.

The designer has already set them in Cairo’s streets for the benefit of thousands of cats.

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