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Apple cider cost rises over high gas prices, cost of labor [Video]

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(WWJ) – The price of apple cider, pies, doughnuts and more could be increasing at some Metro Detroit cider mills as they try to keep up with the cost of harvesting and delivering apples, merchants say.

Despite a bountiful harvest over the 2021 season, local cider mills told The Detroit News that high gas prices and the cost of labor have left merchants no choice but to pass those price increases on to their products.

“Our expenses are way up.” Dennis Ashton, owner of Ashton Orchards in Ortonville, told The Detroit News. “… We have to pay a lot more to hire people.”

Ashton explained that while apple harvest hasn’t changed too much for his orchard, “where we’re really getting hit with price increases is in the bakery,” he said. “The price of doughnut mix is way up, and margarine and sugar, everything is way up.”

Production and packaging costs have also increased, affecting …

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