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Bay Area heat wave: Everything you need to know about Flex Alerts, cooling centers, and resources for the homeless [Video]

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Preparations are underway as a dangerous heat wave barrels down on the Bay Area which will batter the region with triple-digit temperatures for several days.

How to save energy amid Flex Alert

A Flex Alert has been issued to get Californians to conserve energy and prevent possible blackouts across the state. This is just the first of what’s bound to be several Flex Alerts in California for the rest of the week

“Just to be prepared for this extensive heat, PG&E meteorologists are forecasting this to be the hottest weekend, the hottest next several days of the year,” Deanna Contreras of PG&E said.

Temperatures in Northern California are expected to be 10-20 degrees warmer than normal through the Labor Day weekend.

A Flex Alert is a call to customers to voluntarily cut back on electricity – especially during peak hours.

The state called for a Flex Alert for a reason,” Contreras said. “That means that peak demand, between 4 p.m. …

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