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BlackCat Ransomware Claims Cyberattack on Italys Energy Company, GSE [Video]

The BlackCat ransomware gang, also known as ALPHV, has breached another company again.

Over the weekend, Italy’s energy agency, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici SpA (GSE), suffered a malware attack on its own systems and websites.

GSE is a publicly-owned company that promotes and supports renewable energy sources (RES) across Italy.

GSE is one of the administrative bodies in charge of overseeing the nation’s power sector.

The group of threat actors has claimed responsibility for attacking Italy’s publicly owned energy company and holding them for ransom.

It appears that the cyberattack was not executed to hurt GSE but to cause harm to Italy’s energy industry. This assumption is made as another energy company in Italy experienced a breach this week.

BlackCat Ransomware Attack on GSE

The BlackCat ransomware gang is speculated to be behind the cyberattack on Italy’s energy company, GSE.

According to BleepingComputer, the BlackCat ransomware gang published a post on the dark web. The post says …

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RBA interest rate pause considered; NSW election 2023 campaign enters final week; Oliver Schulz charged with war crime; AUKUS deal parliamentary committee rejected; Greens urged to back safeguard mechanism; 2023 IPCC report issues stark climate change warning [Video]

Former top energy advisor called for the Greens to back the safeguard mechanism to reduce emissions, UN issues stark warning on how to fix the climate crisis, and former SAS soldier charged with war crimes.

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Mudslide evacuation warnings lifted, power outages persist [Video]

Another atmospheric river taking aim at Northern California on Tuesday brought strong wind gusts, steady rain and flooding in isolated areas. In Placer County, a mudslide that damaged at least one home has also prompted evacuation orders and warnings. The evacuation warnings have since been lifted. KCRA 3's weather team called Tuesday an Alert Day because of the impacts of expected heavy rainfall and strong winds.