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Colombia: Bogota Releases New Water Consumption Measures Amid Droughts | Latin Post [Video]

Bogota, Colombia’s sprawling capital, is grappling with a severe water crisis exacerbated by a prolonged drought linked to the El Nino weather pattern.

Mayor Carlos Fernando Galan recently unveiled stringent measures to curb Bogota water consumption in the city of eight million residents.

Galan declared that households exceeding 22 cubic meters of water per month would face additional charges, AP News reports.

Moreover, fines up to $300 would be imposed on individuals caught wasting water, such as washing cars on the streets.

Notably, city buses, typically washed daily, will now undergo cleaning only once a week, with interior sanitization remaining a daily necessity for public health.

While Bogota typically enjoys abundant water resources owing to its location amid the Andes Mountains, several months of scant rainfall, driven by the El Nino phenomenon, have strained the city’s reservoirs.

The Chingaza Reservoir System, Bogota’s primary water source, is currently at a mere 15% capacity, a historic low.

Experts warn that …

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