Panel Discussion: G7 Hiroshima Summit & Beyond title=
Panel Discussion: G7 Hiroshima Summit & Beyond
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Community helps the dream of 5-year-old diagnosed with leukemia [Video]

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A 5-year-old diagnosed with cancer has a dream to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood. A nonprofit from California and the community is trying to help.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Playing in water was one of Penn Hazuda’s favorite things. At least up until he was diagnosed with cancer. 

Penn is a 5-year-old local diagnosed with Relapsed High-Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 

His parents, Eric and Jessica Hazuda said, Penn used to have lots of energy and loved the water. He used to like taking long baths and anything that had to do with water. 

They used to put on music, Eric recalls, and his son would immediately start dancing. Now, he’s battling for his life and things have changed.

“He went from being our water baby to being terrified to even get a shower,” Jessica said. “So, now he is fearful of water because he associates water with having to get …

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