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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Liz has the energy to tackle fuel bills crisis [Video]

A shiver of horror will run through Britain this morning as millions of people are confronted by the harsh reality of the energy crisis.

As Ofgem raises the energy price cap to more than £3,500, the typical gas and electricity bill will soar by at least £1,500 a year from October. And worse – much worse – is expected in the near future.

With food and petrol bills also rising steeply and mortgage rates climbing steadily, household finances are buckling.

Of course, Labour dishonestly tries to portray the Government as coldly indifferent, despite ministers introducing an emergency package worth £37billion this year.

But it is imperative whoever wins the Tory leadership race, and so becomes our next prime minister, goes further – swiftly.

In these pages, Liz Truss – current favourite for No 10 – pledges immediate help for struggling families.

In a bold statement of intent, she vows to cut taxes, boost business investment …

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UN secretary-general warns 'humanity is on thin ice' when it comes to reversing effects of climate change [Video]

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns humanity is on thin ice, and that ice is melting fast when it comes to reversing the devastating and deadly effects of climate change around the world. Guterres released this video message ahead of a press conference to launch the Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Monday.