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Decommissioning ceremony for Amphibious Construction Battalion 2 [Video]

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The Seabee unit traces its roots back to 1943, and it saw duty in WWII, Vietnam, Lebanon, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The unit’s decommissioning ceremony was kind of like a funeral, and kind of like a celebration all at the same time, with the formal casing of the command colors serving as an exclamation point to the final chapter of a story that began back in 1943.

“Since its inception, Amphibious Construction Battalion Two has participated in almost every major conflict the nation has faced. No matter the challenge, ACB-2 has gotten the job done,” said Captain Atim Senthill, ACB-2 Commanding Officer.

From World War II, Vietnam, Lebanon, Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom to numerous natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the Seabees of ACB-2 have been there, done that.

They fulfilled their motto: “We build, we fight.”

And now, the finish line is at hand.

Asked if that part of the unit’s tale is sad, Command Master Chief Martin Laurie said: “Yes, …

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