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Despite Toyota’s Slow Pace Solid State Batteries Are Not a False Hope [Video]

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Ex-Tesla engineer says solid-state batteries are a false hope. Gene Berdichevsky. If you are not familiar with the name, he was the engineer in charge of the Tesla Roadster battery pack. After leaving Tesla, he started Sila Nanotechnologies and said SSBs are a “false hope.”

I still don’t see a big enough excuse to dismiss solid state batteries. QuantumScape is clearly showing proof of concept, and they have smart people to figure out the supply chain, I don’t believe this noise.

I saw a one very interesting comment under Torque News’s above video, where the commenter wrote “a lot of companies are working on solid state batteries and there has been good progress over the last few years. They will not be an overnight game changer for sure because once they are ready, it will take some more years to build up production capacities and bring the price down. But …

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