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Drug smugglers using new methods to operate in Arizona [Video]

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From crutches to fully functioning engines, officers at the Nogales Port of Entry are seeing news ways drugs are trying to be brought in.

NOGALES, Ariz — Fentanyl seizures continue to grow at the Arizona border, and a state port director says suspects are using new means to get them across.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Director Michael Humphries for the Port of Nogales says smugglers are getting creative when it comes to sneaking drugs into Arizona.

“Anything you can imagine,” he said.

It’s not just coffee cans and car tires anymore. Humphries says they’ve had cases where officers have found narcotics in fully functioning car engines.

“We’ve had to completely disassemble engines to get to packages of narcotics with the engine running,” Humphries says. Recently, they’ve seen thousands of fentanyl pills attempted to be smuggled in using working car batteries.

Humphries says, “You lift the hood of the vehicle, it looks like just a normal car battery sitting there.”

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