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Eco-friendly Clean Energy mode on iPhone causes fear over slow charging [Video]

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Is Apple’s ‘Clean Energy’ mode impacting charging speeds? (Getty)

A new ‘clean energy’ mode on iPhone has created a stir on social media – with users fearing that their iPhones aren’t charging as quickly.

The mode was introduced as part of iOS 16.1, and is designed to make the iPhone select clean energy when available based on data from the electricity grid.

Apple says, “When Clean Energy Charging is enabled and you connect your iPhone to a charger, your iPhone gets a forecast of the carbon emissions in your local energy grid and uses it to charge your iPhone during times of cleaner energy production.”

The mode sparked a flurry of complaints from users on social media, who said that their phones have been charging more slowly as a result.

Apple says that the feature only engages in ‘known’ locations such as your home or work locations – and engages when phones are on charge for longer periods.

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