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EXCLUSIVE: Gas prices are lower for now, but some Finger Lakes travelers are not optimistic (video)

Kim Smith is pumping gas in Victor. She, like many others, is not happy about prices.

“Getting bitter about it,” Smith said Wednesday. “There doesn’t seem to be anything that we’re doing that’s going to affect it.”

Drivers fear Labor Day will cause gas prices to spike (video)

Smith is just one of the people living in the Finger Lakes who is tired of shelling out more to fill their tanks.

“We had a van that took diesel gas and we’re just so glad we sold it,” Smith said.

AAA data shows drivers have changed habits

AAA reports the price of oil has dropped to about $90 per barrel, down from $120 per barrel earlier this summer.  

Data from AAA shows if oil prices edge lower, drivers will likely continue to see falling pump prices. 

The organization found through a survey, that drivers are making significant changes to cope with high gas prices.  

The survey found two-thirds of adults in the U.S. …

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