A third way for drug addiction policy in Canada title=
A third way for drug addiction policy in Canada

Fake Tesla Model S battery fire video from AXA Insurance

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There are times when the Tesla news beat comes up with strange stories. Over the years, I’ve covered a number of these, from EV charging stalls being filled with uncooked ground meat to strange attacks on Teslas just because of hatred towards Elon Musk. Even among these, however, the recent “battery fire” demonstration from AXA Insurance is something else — just for how ridiculous it is. 

The premise of AXA Insurance’s test was simple — EV batteries could catch fire in the event of a crash. As noted in my colleague Johnna Crider’s earlier piece, AXA accomplished this by removing the battery in a Tesla Model S sedan and fitting the vehicle with pyrotechnics. This way, the demonstration was “safe” and AXA could be ensured that a “battery fire” would indeed happen. 

The best thing about this whole situation was that AXA flat-out admitted to this. “For safety reasons, it was not possible to ignite a real battery fire at an event with around 500 people, which …

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