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Feds Declare Emergency in 4 STATES After Oil Refinery Fire in Indiana Investment Watch [Video]

First food processing plants now, when there’s a fuel shortage, this? Obvious is obvious

What’s going on with all this critical infrastructure going up in flames?

— Cryptid Politics 🇺🇸 (@CryptidPolitics) August 28, 2022

CHICAGO — The Environmental Protection Agency temporarily lifted a federal rule for fuel sales in four states, including Indiana, in response to a fire last week at an Indiana oil refinery that could affect gas prices and supply.

The emergency waiver was granted Saturday for Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin, EPA Administrator Michael Regan said.

The waiver lifts a Clear Air Act requirement that lower-volatility gasoline be sold in the states during summer months to limit ozone pollution. It is in effect until Sept. 15, the EPA said.


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