Washington neglects Ottawa. Ottawa neglects national security. CNAPS
Washington neglects Ottawa. Ottawa neglects national security. CNAPS
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FORECAST: Improving travel weather [Video]

Wind Energy News

CLEVELAND — Rain rolling in early Tuesday and picking up through midday. On a regular day, our drains could handle the rain but our streets and sewers are full of leaves. That means the flow will be restricted. Make sure you’re watching for localized flooding.

Flooding and debris. Winds will be gusting above 40mph, possibly even closer to 50mph. That’s enough to blow debris around. Tuesday will be active!

We’ll calm down and dry out late in the day heading into Wednesday with only a few rain showers left over. Temps are staying warm enough to eliminate any snow chances.

More good news… Thanksgiving will be dry! May even see some sun… And we’re staying dry through the weekend.

What To Expect:

  • Steady, heavy rain Tuesdy
  • Gusts to 50mph
  • Calming late Tuesday
  • A few showers Wednesday
  • Brighter Thanksgiving

Daily Breakdown:

Tuesday: Rain likely. Windy.| High: 49º

Wednesday: Few showers. breezy. Colder.| High: 45º

Thanksgiving Day:More sun but still cool. …

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