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GB news guest accused of assault during heated climate change debate [Video]

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A historian has been accused of assaulting a former Conservative politician as they were debating the climate crisis during an appearance on GB News.

On Monday night, Dr Tessa Dunlop and Jerry Hayes were asked to speak about climate protestors on  Jacob Rees-Mogg’s State Of The Nation show.

Dr Dunlop is an historian, writer and broadcaster, while Hayes was the MP for Harlow in Essex from 1983 to 1997, before he returned to practising criminal law.

While Hayes said protestors needed to obey the law, Dunlop said they were ‘desperate’.

Things became heated quite quickly and when Hayes repeatedly exclaimed ‘no, no, no, who cares’ as Dunlop speaking about how climate change activists were resorting to headline-grabbing stunts to get attention for their cause.

Trying to speak further, Dunlop at first put her hand in front of her debating partners chest, before raising her hand and putting it on his mouth to stop him talking.

He …

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