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Ghanaians lament as fuel prices begin increasing again [Video]

Fuel prices have begun increasing again at the pumps and consumers are lamenting the impact it is having on their finances.

Some oil marketing companies like Total have increased the price of petrol by 5 percent and now selling at 11.55 pesewas per litre.

Diesel is now being sold at 14.50perswa per litre.

Citi News checks indicated that other fuel stations will be increasing their prices soon.

Some Ghanaians have started adjusting their lifestyles to counter the rises in fuel prices.

“My wife had to stop driving because she works somewhere in Accra. We live at Haatso… we need to manage. It is almost time for school next week,” one road user said.

The drivers of ride-hailing apps have also said they are facing unique challenges because of their fares.

“Our prices as compared to taxis are low, so we are suffering. And when your car is work and pay, that one you will be suffering a lot.”

Ghanaians …

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