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Group Sensitises Youth, Others On Environmental Degradation [Video]

As the oil spills in the Niger Delta region continue to get worse, a Nongovernmental organization, the Health of Mother Earth Foundation, is now taking the lead in educating and empowering young people in the region to hold those accountable in the degradation of their environment through monitoring and proper reportage.

Learning from the Wise is a program organised by the Health of Mother Earth Foundation with the aim of sensitising the Youths, and host community leaders on the need for environment monitoring, especially in areas affected by the activities of oil companies across the Niger Delta region.

Youths and professionals drawn from different states across the region are hosted in Yenagoa where they are been trained on the importance of environmental consciousness and youth involvement in combating issues of oil spills and environmental degradation in their localities.

Some participants share some insights on the lessons learnt from the training.

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