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Homeworkers face extra hit to energy bills as Ofgem price cap rises [Video]

Office-shy workers could face an extra £131 hit to their monthly energy bills under the new price cap should they continue to work from home in the new year, consumers were warned today.

Employees were told to weigh up the costs of their commute against surging energy prices as Uswitch figures warned full-time homeworkers could see their daily gas use rise by 75% – as the cost-of-living crisis further bludgeons household finances.

Those paying less than £30 a week to travel into work could be better off going in to the office to save money, Uswitch said.

By January, the extra costs associated with WFH could soar to £209 a month for the average household, with Ofgem‘s price cap spiking and inflation set to rocket to an eye-watering 22% according to analysts.

Larger households with a higher energy consumption are likely to pay £513 a month, rising to £698 for those who are working from home. 

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