Aaron Wudrick with Dr. Linda Blade - Gender Ideology and Women
Aaron Wudrick with Dr. Linda Blade - Gender Ideology and Women's Sport

Inflation to hit 22% in UK as energy giants are predicted to rake in 17 BILLION EXTRA in profits [Video]

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Britain faces an inflation rate of 22 per cent this winter leaving millions unable to pay the bills and businesses going to the wall while energy firms are predicted to make £170billion extra in profits increasing pressure on the next Prime Minister to impose a windfall tax.

Goldman Sachs predicts inflation will double in 2023 as the price cap on energy bills continues to rise pushed up by soaring gas prices with the rising cost of food and a weak pound also contributing to the crisis that is sending the UK towards recession.

It came as leaked Treasury forecasts, published by Bloomberg, revealed the spiraling crisis will massively profit energy giants as oil and gas producers are predicted to make an extra £170billion as families face the choice between eating and heating this winter because of the cost of crisis catastrophe. 

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