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Letter: Nothing in article about Delta embracing sustainable aviation fuel reflected a major change [Video]

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The first thing I do when I see a headline that reads like a press release crafted by a corporation is to search for a quote or analysis by an independent expert. I must therefore sadly report that the Tribune article, “Delta embraces “sustainable aviation fuel” in its net-zero pursuit,” contained no disinterested opinion or analysis.

One cannot count Delta’s press release, the statement by a DG Fuels representative (a vendor for Delta), or a statement from United Airlines’ chief sustainability officer. Remarks about air quality are not directly relevant.

The executive summary of the 2020 report from the Department of Energy titled, “Sustainable Aviation Fuel,” offers that meeting the 2050 goal (50% reduction in carbon emissions from aviation fuel) will require fuels with a lower carbon footprint (on a life-cycle basis). It points to the scale of the problem (billions of gallons annually), such that it could consume virtually all available …

Panel Discussion: G7 Hiroshima Summit & Beyond title=
Panel Discussion: G7 Hiroshima Summit & Beyond