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Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony

Lime sulfur is found in passenger seat of car where Manhattan woman, 35, was found dead [Video]

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EXCLUSIVE: Distraught father of Manhattan psychologist, 35, found dead in her car of apparent suicide says she left no note as it’s revealed lime sulfur was mixed with an unknown substance that formed ‘rotten egg’ smelling hydrogen sulfide gas

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The father of the 35-year-old Manhattan woman found dead in her car of an apparent suicide is struggling for answers while describing his daughter as ‘my whole world.’ 

Ariel Campbell, a psychotherapist, was found dead in the back seat of her Jeep on Sunday after ingesting hazardous chemicals. can reveal that Brandt lime sulfur – often used to kill pests on plants and fruits – was found in her passenger seat and had been with mixed with an unknown substance to form hydrogen sulfide gas, a deadly chemical if ingested.

Her father David Campbell, 75, said it’s possible her mother Elizabeth’s death last year was a factor.

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