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Lithuania offers a large support package on energy prices [Video]

Up against an energy price catastrophe, the Lithuanian government will present a package of financial support which they say will be among the largest in the EU measured as a share of GDP.

The measures equate to around 2 per cent of Lithuania’s economy and will cap electricity and gas prices, while providing support to business

The plan also includes a variety of energy saving measures such as setting a heating limit for public buildings at 19 degrees, while air conditioning temperatures will be capped at 27 degrees. Remote working on Fridays and Mondays will be mandated to further reduce business electric consumption. Investment in green technology will also be encouraged.

Meanwhile in France as gas and electricity prices soar some sports facilities, such as swimming pools and ice rinks, are already being closed. One countrywide pool operator, saw their energy costs hit €100 million, up from just €15 million

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Letter: Nothing in article about Delta embracing sustainable aviation fuel reflected a major change [Video]

The first thing I do when I see a headline that reads like a press release crafted by a corporation is to search for a quote or analysis by an independent expert. I must therefore sadly report that the Tribune article, Delta embraces sustainable aviation fuel in its net-zero pursuit, contained no disinterested opinion or analysis.