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LOL! You now must be 21 years old to buy a can of whipped cream in New York state… [Video]

This sign was seen at an area Stewart’s Shops. NY lawmakers say the nitrous oxide inside whipped cream could be an easy way for teens to get high… MSM is always good at giving new tips on ‘how to get high for cheap easily’… In parallel to the ‘fentanyl epidemic’ will we soon be facing a ‘whipped cream epidemic?’

Excessive drought reveals 113-million-year-old dinosaur tracks at Texas state park…Most tracks that have recently been uncovered and discovered at different parts of the river in the park belong to Acrocanthosaurus. This was a dinosaur that would stand, as an adult, about 15 feet tall and (weigh) close to seven tons…

Europe’s gas price is now equivalent to $410 per barrel of oil

The original name for Gates’s Foundation was “The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation For Population Control“…

Congress admits UFOs not ‘man-made,’ says ‘threats’ increasing ‘exponentially’

You vill eat ze wind turbines… and be happy!

It seems that the current megadrought is nothing …

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