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Massive fire at Kilwinning battery recycling plant as explosions heard for miles [Video]

Massive fire at Kilwinning battery recycling plant as explosions heard for miles

TERRIFIED residents were evacuated from their homes as fire crews battled a massive blaze at a battery recycling plant in Ayrshire through the night.

Hundreds of people living beside the Fenix Battery Recycling plant in Kilwinning had to flee their homes as the inferno ripped through the factory at around 10.05pm.

– Contents of video: –
00:00 – Explosions at recycling plant fire
02:14 – Batteries on road ejected from fire
02:53 – Daylight aftermath
03:37 – Police block access to recycling plant

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Police Pull Over Driverless Waymo Car [Video]

In a surprising and humorous incident, a Phoenix police officer pulled over a driverless Waymo car for driving on the wrong side of the road. The scene took an unexpected turn when the nonexistent driver rolled down the windows to communicate with the officer. This amusing encounter highlights the evolving challenges and interactions between autonomous vehicles and law enforcement.Waymo, the autonomous vehicle subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., later released a statement explaining the situation. The company attributed the mishap to "inconsistent construction signage" that confused the vehicle's navigation system. According to Waymo, the car was blocked from navigating back into the correct lane for about 30 seconds, which led to the police stop.Waymo's spokesperson detailed that "in an effort to clear the intersection, the Waymo vehicle proceeded forward a short distance and pulled into the next available parking lot." This action was part of the vehicle's programmed response to ensure it reached a safe location before stopping.Autonomous vehicles like Waymo's rely on complex algorithms and sensors to interpret their surroundings and make driving decisions. However, unexpected road conditions and temporary signage changes can still pose significant challenges. This incident underscores the importance of continued development and testing to enhance the reliability and safety of self-driving technology.The encounter not only provided a moment of levity but also sparked discussions about the future of autonomous vehicles and their integration into everyday traffic situations. As technology advances, similar incidents may become more common, prompting adaptations in both vehicle programming and law enforcement protocols.#DriverlessCar#Waymo#AutonomousVehicle#PoliceEncounter#FutureOfDriving#SelfDrivingCar#TechFail#Innovation#SmartVehicles#FunnyMoments

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Pediatrian accused of sexually assaulting patients faces judge [Video]

Retired Massachusetts pediatrician Dr. Richard Kauff is due to appear in court on Friday for the first time after being indicted on charges that he sexually assaulted 15 patients. Kauff, 68, of Norwell, was indicted in June on nine counts of rape of a child with force and eight counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. The Plymouth County District Attorney's office said the alleged assaults occurred during his work as a pediatrician at South Shore Medical Center.He is scheduled to be arraigned in Plymouth Superior Court on Friday morning. Kauff remains free on $50,000 cash bail and was ordered to stay away and have no contact with the victims or South Shore Medical Center facilities in Norwell and Kingston.According to prosecutors, since 1983, Kauff worked as a pediatrician and was most recently associated with South Shore Medical Center in Norwell. Kauff saw patients in both the Kingston and Norwell offices connected to South Shore Medical Center until his retirement in 2022.The Plymouth County District Attorney's Office said their investigation into Kauff began on Oct. 4, 2023, when an anonymous person posted to a local Facebook group that they believed they were sexually assaulted during an annual checkup. Investigators said others replied to the Facebook post and urged the victim to report the incident to Norwell police.The following day, another victim reported to Norwell police a similar incident, according to the DA's office. Both victims alleged the perpetrator was Kauff. After police sought charges against Kauff in Hingham District Court, over three dozen individuals came forward to report similar experiences with Kauff. "A grand jury investigation was conducted to identify additional alleged victims and the viability of prosecution on charges based on the analysis of statute of limitations and other legal issues," the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office said. "After several months of investigation, the grand jury has returned seventeen indictments for fifteen different victims spanning 23 years."Kauff has since given up his medical license.

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Tesla Cybertruck now the best selling electric pickup truck in America [Video]

Tesla Cybertruck now the best selling electric pickup truck in America👇👇 Buy something and support The Electric Viking Store 👇👇 guide and other help for the store 👇🔔 Subscribe and hit the notification bell! me on Patreon as a member in The Electric Viking YouTube videos (see videos before anyone else)👇 Please donate here for Shanna (Viking's wife) if you can 👇 what happened to Shanna: Electric Viking on other platforms: Rumble page group 👇 See more about me 👇👇 My Bali trip 👇 👇 Video about My Skateboard 👇👇 Subscribe to my kids channel 👇 more videos about Tesla: Tesla releases software update with new features owners were asking for's over the air updates with new features now rival Tesla Benz says Tesla Self Driving Tech is bad for the car industry... media shocked after Tesla deliveries prove Graveyard story FUD bomb found at Tesla's Gigafactory in Germany Xpengs CEO shocked by Tesla's FSD tech in America; says 2025 is the year! posts best EV sales week for all of 2024 in China Model Y rival, the BYD Sealion 7, coming to Australia this year's plan to use revolutionary new tyre technology revealed will start using 4680 battery cells in China Gigafactory in August EV haters go after Elon Musk & Tesla, graffiti 34 Tesla Cybertrucks critics say Cybertruck will never be sold outside America - they're wrong's Cybertruck ‘Cybertunnel’ now operational at Giga Texas Tesla EVs in excellent condition selling for as little as $8000 claims thousands of electric cars sitting idle inside Tesla graveyard are getting scammed - How to spot Tesla scammers on social media Musk says Tesla won't launch NEW Model Y 'Juniper' this year, but... Tesla will use different but better batteries in Cybertruck next year,000 mile Tesla on original battery is supercharged daily & never serviced sells 72,573 cars made in China in May as demand increases Musk reveals Tesla's insane plan for 100 million Robotaxi's complaint rate is lowest among China’s best-selling cars in 2024 CEO on friendship with Elon Musk: "He is really an incredible person" Cadillac Optiq costs more than Tesla Model Y Performance Rivals Nio, Zeekr & BYD report record sales as legacy auto sales fall #cybertruck #bestsellingev #america #pickuptruck 👇Reference to the news/charts & videos used in this video: channel may use some copyrighted materials without specific authorization of the owner; but content used here falls under the “Fair Use” Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.Contact us for any copyright issues. If you want a credit of any footage we are using, please let us know. Website: [email protected]

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Xiaomi SUV Sparks Frenzy Among Netizens in China [Video]

Xiaomi SUV Sparks Frenzy Among Netizens in ChinaSubscribe to our channel as a member and support our channel: by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio (YouTube link: other videos on this channel: Xiaomi CONFIRMS Electric SUV! Here's What We Know SU7: From 0 to 10,000 Deliveries in Just Months EV Insurance Registrations: Week Ending May 19 Highlights Nio, Tesla, BYD, and Xiaomi Figures Government Quadruples Tariffs on Electric Cars Made in China's First Large-Scale Sodium Battery Energy Storage Station Goes Operational Australia's Largest Battery Storage Tesla Model S: Redefining Luxury EVs Semi: Redefining the Road Ahead's China Sales Drop in Half! (Is This the End?) Tesla Effect: Impact of Giga Shanghai Setback EV Brand Set to Revolutionize Range with 1000km Solid-State Batteries Receives Approval for Robotaxi Testing in China During Musk’s Visit, Report Says $175,000 CyberTrailer Camper Equipped with EV Charging Capability FSD 12.4: No Steering Wheel Nag and Accelerated Release Timeline Achievement: Nio Produces 500,000th Car at F2 Plant Set to Go Public in the U.S. This Week with $5.1 Billion Valuation Surpasses Toyota with Solid-State Battery EV Boasting 600-Mile Range Unveils Panda Go Kart Edition Mini EV: Launching This May Look at Their 1,305 HP Tesla Cybertruck-Inspired Model Your Tesla Charging Speed Shark Pickup Truck Set for Global Premiere in Mexico on May 14 Initiates EV Price Battle: Unveils New $14K Dolphin to Compete G6 Enters European Market, Offering Competitive Pricing Against Tesla Model Y Cybertruck Runs Aground Shortly After Arriving In Nantucket Cadillac Optiq Electric SUV Makes Debut in China's Advanced Production Innovations Challenge Tesla's Gigacasting Seal Closes in on Model 3 as Australian EV Sales Slow and Consumers Return to ICE Vehicles's Cybertruck Off-Road Guide Unveiled Megapack to Energize Groundbreaking 1.3 GWh Battery System's Arrival in Malaysia: EV Debut Set for Q3 2024's Electric Hypercar Sets New Land Speed Record Cloud Makes Debut in Indonesian Market Wuling's 2024 Starlight EV Lineup at Beijing Auto Show Targets 3 Million Sales by 2025 with New Affordable Models of Hongqi EH7 Convertible at Beijing Auto Show Enacts Further Layoffs, Including Entire Supercharger Team Initiated for Seagull EVs to Ensure Driver Safety the Global EV Market: How BYD Balances Pricing and Profitability & Co Zero: A New Challenger Emerges in the Electric Super Sedan Arena"Xiaomi's SU7 : Xiaomi delivers 7,058 cars in April, locked-in orders reach 88,063 units" unveils new G80 EV Magma concept teasing latest Tesla Model S Plaid rival topics:EVs, EV News#xiaomi #mx11 #su7 #manufacturing #chineseev #newev #spyshot #ev #evnewsVideo editor's email: [email protected] channel may use some copyrighted materials without specific authorization of the owner but the contents used here falls under the “Fair Use”Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.Please contact us at [email protected] for any copyright issues.