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Maui Hurricane Updates – DOUGLAS | Live Video from Maui Hawaii


8:20 pm Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Hurricane Douglas passed us without much effect.   In the last few days, it’s gone from a Category 4 down to 1, though it’s still a major Hurricane. This morning, it was windy and rainy here Upcountry. Then the wind died, and we only had an off and on light drizzle.  PHEW!

As of 8 pm, max sustained winds are currently at 85 mph making it a category 1 hurricane and is moving past Oahu at 16 mph. Here are the different categories:

  • Category 5 – sustained winds of 157+ mph – most framed homes destroyed. Uninhabitable for weeks to months.
  • Category 4 – sustained winds of 130-156 mp
  • Category 3 – sustained winds of 111-129 mp
  • Category 2 – sustained winds of 96-110 mp
  • Category 1 – sustained winds of 74-95 mph – Possible roof damage, branches broken, power outages.
  • Tropical Storm – sustained winds of
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RBA interest rate pause considered; NSW election 2023 campaign enters final week; Oliver Schulz charged with war crime; AUKUS deal parliamentary committee rejected; Greens urged to back safeguard mechanism; 2023 IPCC report issues stark climate change warning [Video]

Former top energy advisor called for the Greens to back the safeguard mechanism to reduce emissions, UN issues stark warning on how to fix the climate crisis, and former SAS soldier charged with war crimes.

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Two people and dog rescued from makeshift shelter surrounded by water | News [Video]

Firefighters rescued two adults and a dog who were trapped inside a makeshift shelter surrounded by floodwater in Sacramento, California on Tuesday (14 March). Footage shows rescue boats being deployed to rescue the pair and the animal near Tenaya Avenue and Natoma Street. No injuries were reported. The rescue came as the state was hit by extreme weather conditions caused by an atmospheric river. Be mindful of the rising waters and get to higher ground, Sacramento Fire Department said. Click here to sign up for our newsletters.