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Morpheus 8 Microneedling Goes Full-Body [Video]

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Microneedling use, for treating facial lines and wrinkles got a boost when radiofrequency energy was added. Now new technology used in “Morpheus8 Body” treatments enable radio wave microneedling to be done from head to toe. It’s part of the new trend in “tweaking” your face & body rather than undergoing more invasive procedures.

Celebrities are also sharing their results with “Morpheus8 Body” treatments on social media .

Tiny gold plated needles penetrate the skin to a controlled depth and radio wave energy is transmitted in pulses to heat the tissue. This causes tightening, remodels subdermal fat and stimulates collagen production to improve skin texture. The appearance of stretch marks are also improved.

The technology used in the Morpheus8 Body treatments combines radio frequency, needling, and fractional treatments to address a variety of skincare problems. 

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