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NASA confirms intense solar flare followed by an impact on Earth [Video]

Officials have watched the Sun’s growing activity for quite some time now, but recently our star released a series of powerful solar flares. has reported that the Sun released a trio of solar flares between August 27 and August 29. The strongest of the flares was an M8-class flare that was reported to have happened on Monday, August 29. NASA ranks solar flares on a similar scale to the Richter scale used for earthquakes, but instead, it includes letters. Solar flares range in severity from A-class level being the smallest to B-class, C-class, M, and finally, X-class being the most powerful.

As outlined by NASA, each of the letters represents an increase of 10-fold the energy output from the flare, which means that an X-class solar flare is 10 times more powerful than an M-class, and an M-class is 100 times more powerful than a C-class. Notably, the scale also features a finer scale of …

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Letter: Nothing in article about Delta embracing sustainable aviation fuel reflected a major change [Video]

The first thing I do when I see a headline that reads like a press release crafted by a corporation is to search for a quote or analysis by an independent expert. I must therefore sadly report that the Tribune article, Delta embraces sustainable aviation fuel in its net-zero pursuit, contained no disinterested opinion or analysis.