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New artillery attack as IAEA heads to Ukraine nuclear plant | Russia-Ukraine war News [Video]

Satellite images showed damage from an artillery attack to the roof of a building right next to the nuclear reactors at Ukraine’s besieged Zaporizhzhia plant, again increasing fears of a radiation disaster.

The latest attack on the plant occurred as a team from the UN’s nuclear watchdog headed on Monday to the facility as Russia and Ukraine traded accusations over shelling it.

New high-resolution satellite imagery collected by American company Maxar Technologies showed the damage at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Enerhodar, Ukraine.

Photos detailed the destruction to the roof of the building adjacent to several nuclear reactors at the Zaporizhzhia plant. They also showed bushfires outside of the main facility.

The Russian-installed administration of the region claimed Ukrainian forces hit the roof of the building used to store reactor fuel.

Radiation levels at the power plant were normal, however, and the situation at the site was under control, the RIA Novosti news agency cited Russian-installed officials as saying.

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