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New Entergy power station approved for Orange County [Video]

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This new addition will bring nearly $2 billion of economic activity to the area and the construction phase will also create around 7,000 jobs.

BRIDGE CITY, Texas — The Public Utility Commission of Texas has officially given the green light for a new and improved Entergy power station in Orange County.

The 1215-megawatt Orange County Advanced Power Station would be placed near Bridge City.

Entergy says it’s focused on long-term sustainability and growth. The facility could power close to 230,000 homes.

The new power plant would be driven by natural gas and hydrogen, according to a news release from Entergy Texas. 

“Through the strong collaboration and the extensive expertise of the project partners, we are strategically equipped to help Entergy achieve its decarbonization goals,” said Kurt Clardy, Senior Vice President of TIC. “We look forward to leveraging our vast experience to safely construct this industry-leading facility.”

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