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Nyle Systems, based in Brewer, to open factory in Bangor, Maine [Video]

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The new location is set to start production in late summer.

BANGOR, Maine — Manufacturer Nyle Systems is set to bring hundreds of jobs to Bangor later this year, thanks to a recent expansion. 

The company has been based in Brewer since the 1970s and manufactures kilns, food drying systems, and water heat pump systems. The location currently employs around 120 people. 

With heating costs rising and many folks steering toward becoming more environmentally conscious, the energy efficient heat pumps are selling fast, leading to a new factory to keep up with demand.

The company has partnered with environmental investment firm Aligned Climate Capitol to lease a former Wayfair customer call center near the Bangor International Airport. 

The new location is expecting to bring around 200 new jobs to the area. 

CEO Ton Mathissen said the demand is mostly fueled by the country’s move to more carbon neutral energy. 

“That is really what is driving this. Heat pump water heating replaces gas boilers, for …

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