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Portland enacts fossil fuel terminal restrictions [Video]

The city council adopted a revised ordinance that bans new terminals and expansions of existing ones. Two previous versions of the ordinance were blocked on appeal.

PORTLAND, Ore. — For the third time in six years, the City of Portland has passed a zoning ordinance that bans most new fossil fuel terminals and caps the size of existing sites.

Two previous versions of the ordinance were appealed by business groups and struck down, but the city council voted Wednesday to adopt a third version that city staff said addressed all the issues that had been flagged by the state Land Use Board of Appeals during the previous attempt.

The ordinance amends the city’s zoning code to create a specific land use category for bulk fossil fuel terminals and prohibits the expansion of storage tank capacity at existing facilities in the city. It also limits storage tank capacity at any new fuel terminals to 2 million gallons and prohibits storing coal. 

The prohibition is …

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