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Aaron Wudrick with Dr. Linda Blade - Gender Ideology and Women's Sport

Residents take action to fill in hidden drop below water at Winter Gardens slipway The Isle Of Thanet News [Video]

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Efforts to fill in the ‘hole’ caused by tidal patterns

Residents have rallied to fill in a  ‘hidden drop’ under a deceptively shallow-looking water area at the slipway behind the Winter Gardens in Margate.

The area has been the site of several incidents with children, adults and dogs becoming trapped because they are unaware of the depth of the drop.

It is caused by waves scouring the sand and tidal changes, which means the depth fluctuates rather than being constant.

Earlier this month resident Kerry September made a call for people power action after she pulled a toddler out of the tidal hole when the child fell in.

Also this month hairdresser Cassie Davey spoke of how her dog became submerged in the water and she then became trapped trying to rescue him.

Last year The Isle of Thanet News told how a little boy plunged under the water and …

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