Does the foreign-interference inquiry have the right tools?
Does the foreign-interference inquiry have the right tools?
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RFK Jr’s campaign walks back promise to ban fracking following backlash [Video]

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FIRST ON FOX: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential campaign walked back his promise to ban hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, as part of his plan to combat plastic pollution.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, the campaign said Kennedy, if elected president, would implement a “phase out” of fracking which would be achieved by ending taxpayer-funded subsidies for the industry and allowing the free market to work. The statement appears to soften Kennedy’s social media post last week, when he vowed to “ban” fracking to “fix the plastics pollution crisis.”

“Mr. Kennedy recognizes that an immediate and total ban on fracking would devastate the US economy, and is therefore unrealistic,” the campaign told Fox News Digital. “He favors a gradual phase-out of the practice, starting with the removal of subsidies and a moratorium on new exploration.”

“He believes that fracking, at least in most locations, will no longer be viable when the practice does not receive direct or indirect subsidies, and instead …

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