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Row of electric semi-trucks catches fire at Nikola property in Phoenix [Video]

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PHOENIX — A row of electric semi-trucks caught fire early Friday morning in Phoenix.

The fire broke out at a Nikola facility near 40th Street and Broadway Road, and dozens of firefighters were called out to fight the blaze.

Electric trucks catch fire at Phoenix Nikola facility

Four trucks caught fire during the incident. There is a risk of the fire reigniting because it involves numerous lithium-ion battery cells, fire officials say.

Officials say the trucks that caught fire were shut down and not operational at the time. It’s not known what caused them to catch fire, but foul play may have been involved, according to an initial statement from Nikola.

A statement from Nikola was released Friday morning, stating:

“Early this morning behind our Phoenix headquarters, a fire occurred which affected multiple battery electric trucks. No one has been injured. Foul play is suspected as a vehicle was seen in the area of the affected trucks just prior to the incident and an investigation is underway. …

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