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RT News – September 2 2022 (09:00 MSK) RT News [Video]

RT News – September 2 2022 (09:00 MSK)

The UN acknowledges Russia’s role in ensuring the security of its atomic watchdog, as an international team assesses the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. The statement comes amid continuous attacks on the facility by Ukrainian forces, according to local officials. Joe Biden takes a harsh swipe at Trump and other rival Republicans ahead of midterm elections. That’s as new evidence purports to show Biden’s administration itself is getting bogged down in scandal, pressing the Big Tech industry to stamp out opinions that challenge the mainstream narratives. The US troops who participated in the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan last year are now to receive awards. That announcement by the Pentagon has renewed criticism of America’s longest war. India’s traditional Hindi film industry faces widespread dissatisfaction on the domestic market, sparking concerns among filmmakers and actors that their business could crumble. We take a look at the claims.

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