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Swedish sterling – darvas box trade pattern for OMXSTO:STRLNG by kulturdesken TradingView [Video]

Darvas box trade explained with Swedish sterling as example.

Where to put on the trade, where to put the stop loss and context.

Context, swedish sterling is a stock with increasing trade volume , in a rising market and in a bullish sectorwith news of a recent patent filing to the european patent office.

Swedish sterlingA clean tech company, filing a new patent of Sterling engine which is more efficient in converting to electricity .

The company’s latest product – the PWR BLOK 400-F – is a propriatery solution for recycling energy from industrial residual and flare gases and converting these into 100% carbon-neutral electricity at high efficiency.According to an independent certification, the PWR BLOK is the cheapest way to generate electricity that exists today, yielding greater CO2 savings per krona invested than any other type of energy.

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