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SWEL Promises Cleanest, Cheapest Energy Ever With Waves! [Video]

Sea Wave Energy Ltd. (they go by “SWEL,” natch) has spent the better part of the last decade developing a floating, wave-riding generator that the company claims will produce a whole lot of tidal energy for not a whole lot of money.

First shown to the world a few years and recently back in the news, SWEL’s floating wave energy device is called the “Waveline Magnet,” and it’s basically a long, modular chain of plastic floats  that are designed to sit on top of the water, lined up perpendicular to the shore (i.e., directly into the waves). As the waves pass below the Waveline Magnet, the floats follow the contours of the water, creating a sort-of “up and down” serpentine motion in the chains of floats that works on lever arms to drive low-cost electrical generators inside the spine units on both their upward and downward motions.

The best part? Waves are free — and the electricity it produces is nearly free, as well!

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