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Lynchburg’s nuclear industry in spotlight as Youngkin unveils Virginia energy plan [Video]

“We need to be all in on nuclear energy in Virginia,” the governor said in announcing his new energy plan during a visit to Lynchburg.

Climate Change News

“Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan discusses TikTok’s CEO hearing today [Video]

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testifies before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Thursday as the social media app faces scrutiny from lawmakers. CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent and "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan discusses with Anne-Marie Green and Vlad Duthiers.

Hydro Electricity News

UK’s largest hydro scheme to double energy storage with £100m investment [Video]

SSE, one of the UK’s largest energy companies, is investing £100m in a hydro scheme that will double the UK’s ability to store energy for long periods. This will be the biggest hydro scheme in decades, and it’s set to transform the UK’s energy landscape. The scheme will create a vast reservoir that can store up to 3.5 gigawatt-hours of energy, enough to power 3.5 million homes for an entire day. The project is expected to generate around 2,500 jobs during construction and operation, and will provide a major boost to the UK’s renewable energy sector.

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Biden admin drilling project contradicts global need to avert dangerous warming limit [Video]

Presidential Distinguished Professor and Director of the Penn Center for Science, Sustainability and the Media at the University of Pennsylvania and author of The New Climate War Michael Mann joins Andrea Mitchell to react to a climate report from the United Nations that issues a dire warning to countries to half carbon emissions by 2030 in order to prevent even more devastating long-term effects. The report says, Look, we didn’t make enough progress over the last few years, so we need even larger reductions now. We’ve got to reduce carbon emissions globally by about 60% by 2035 to prevent us from crossing that dangerous threshold, says Mann. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has recently approved a drilling project in Alaska that will deliver more dirty fossil fuels to the global market at a time when the International Energy Agency has been very clear: there can be no new fossil fuel infrastructure if we are to remain below that dangerous warming limit.

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Skier with broken leg rescued from mountain in dangerous conditions | News [Video]

Spains civil guard has shared footage of the moment a skier with a broken leg was airlifted to safety after a dramatic mountain rescue. Footage shows the helicopter landing on the Picos de Europa mountain range before the injured skier is loaded into the chopper and flown to the hospital. Despite the adverse weather conditions, specialists evacuated a person who suffered a fractured tibia and fibula while doing a ski test, the civil guard tweeted on Sunday 19 March. Click here to sign up for our newsletters.