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Take a bow July 21: Wellington’s worst winter day crowned [Video]


The catamaran was pounded against the road in Eastbourne in Wellington’s eastern bays on July 21, arguably Wellington’s worst winter day.

Amid a notably grim Wellington winter of 2022, one day can be crowned most-miserable: Take a bow July 21.

That was the day – almost smack-bang in the middle of the coldest season – that we had the strongest wind gust, towering waves, almost 30mm of rain drenched the city, massive slips tumbled down, a dream-project catamaran slammed into a sea wall, and Wellingtonians en-masse wondered, is the worst over?

And it was against some stiff competition: On Thursday, Wellington enters spring after the wettest winter since records began.

MetService metorologist Stephen Glassy said one wave at the harbour entrance reached 10 metres on July 21. Meanwhile, the “significant wave height” for the day was 6.7m. Significant wave height is the measure of the average of the highest-third of waves.

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