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Tesla Model X and Model S prices lowered [Video]

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Tesla announces plans to build “gigafactory” in Mexico 02:19

Tesla lowered prices on two of its cars this week as the automaker jockeys for dominance in the electric vehicle market, marking its second price cut this year.

Tesla’s hatchback, the Model S, now costs $89,990, down from $94,990 a week ago, according to its website. The upgraded Model S Plaid’s price fell to $109,990 from $114,990 a week ago. Tesla’s mid-sized sedan Model X is now $99,990, down from $109,990 while the price for its Plaid version fell to $109,990 from $119,990. 

Automotive industry experts say affordability is key to driving widespread acceptance of electric vehicles as the U.S. tries to loosen its dependency on fossil fuels as well as gas-powered cars. Charging stations are sprouting up nationwide to encourage consumers to buy electric, but price points will ultimately determine if the vehicles are financially within reach of the middle class, experts said.

Tesla did not immediately respond Monday to a request for …

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