Aaron Wudrick with Dr. Linda Blade - Gender Ideology and Women
Aaron Wudrick with Dr. Linda Blade - Gender Ideology and Women's Sport

The Movement for Black Lives Is Amplifying the Climate Conversation [Video]

Climate Change News

The dangerous heat and severe storms that have become our new normal are the unequivocal impact of climate change. And as the Biden Administration is working to push through the solutions in its climate agenda, The Movement for Black Lives is taking steps to ensure that communities of color are a part of the conversation. On August 25, the group announced the Black Hive initiative, their new plan to address climate change and its impact on the Black community.

The initiative is bringing together Black environmental leaders from over 200 organizations across the country to assess the impact of climate change on communities of color. It also plans to revive the Black Climate Mandate, which recommends “investing in equitable climate solutions that center Black communities’ concerns.”

“The climate crisis is happening because of corporate greed, government negligence, the divestment of solutions and the investment into the harmful institutions like the fossil fuel industry, that are harming our people,” …

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