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U.S. Army steps up efforts to go green as risks from climate change rise [Video]

Military bases nationwide have begun to step up efforts to reduce their carbon footprint as part of an Army climate change strategy, coming on the heels of the Defense Department listing climate change as a national security threat.  

Bolstering energy efficiency and resilience is particularly top of mind at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland, which houses U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency.

“If anything, a 21st century warfare needs 21st century energy and resilience,” said Col. Michael Sapp, the garrison commander of Fort Meade. Sapp told CBS News that means beefing up clean energy on base; solar panels now top nearly 60% of the housing there.

Fort Meade also has plans to transform an empty landfill into a 60-acre solar farm, with a target date of 2026. The energy would help power the local grid, but also ensure the base is self-sufficient if the grid takes a hit.

“We can’t afford to lose power. …

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