Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony title=
Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony

Union Pacific Railroad announces leadership shakeup amid derailment crisis [Video]

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Union Pacific Railroad (UPR) will find a new CEO this year after major shareholders complained of poor safety and profit metrics this month.

UPR is America’s largest railroad operator, accounting for roughly $120 billion in market capital. The company announced Monday it will be replacing current CEO Lance Fritz by the end of the year. The announcement came just days after a leading shareholder urged the company to make the move, according to The Wall Street Journal.

UPR’s board says it is currently gathering “highly-qualified candidates both within the industry and adjacent industries.”

UPR was dragged into recent turmoil over train derailments last week after one of its trains careened off the tracks in Nebraska.

Images from the Nebraska derailment showed roughly a dozen cars strewn across train tracks, but there were no flames or smoke. Union Pacific Railroad says the train was transporting coal, and there is no indication that the crash poses a threat to locals.


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