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Unions threaten to bring Britain to its knees with coordinated strikes this Autumn [Video]

Unions representing nearly 3million people are threatening to bring about coordinated strikes this autumn to cause as much disruption as possible. 

Several motions tabled by Britain’s biggest trade unions, including Unite and Unison, demand they coordinate their efforts to have the greatest possible impact and ‘win’ the battle for inflation-related pay bumps, the Observer reports.  

While the proposals technically fall short of a ‘general strike’, a motion by Unite would task the Trade Union Congress (TUC) with making sure industrial action is synchronised or intentionally staggered to have as great an impact as possible.  

The plans come ahead of the TUC congress – the unions’ decision-making forum – which will be held in Brighton from September 11 to 14. 

Unite’s call for the body to ‘encourage industrial coordination’ to ‘most effectively harness their union power to win’ is backed by rail union RMT and the Communication Workers Union (CWU), it is understood. 

Unison …

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