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Vape and External Battery Reportedly Cause Fire Aboard Spirit Airlines Flight [Video]

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A Spirit Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency stop along its route Wednesday after a battery device caught fire inside an overhead luggage bin. Local reports said the plane quickly filled with smoke as flight attendants worked to put out the flames. A retired firefighter on the plane told local reporters that the device that caught fire was a battery-powered vape connected to a charging pack.

So if you’re still wondering why flight crews ask passengers if they have any items with a lithium-ion battery, this story is just another reminder to take out and turn off any big battery packs before you board. Seriously, just do it.

Spirit flight 259 took off out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport heading to Orlando Wednesday afternoon, but it was forced to touch down at around 4 p.m. ET. According to the Jacksonville NBC affiliate WTLV, the plane made an emergency landing at …

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