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Vegan Animal Rebellion protesters shut down dairy processing plants for a SECOND day [Video]

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Police arrested dozens of vegan activists today after they stormed dairy plants across the country and promised to wage their campaign against the UK’s dairy giants until there were ‘supermarket shortages’.

Animal Rebellion protestors arrived at Arla and Muller’s processing plants to drill through truck tyres and fill pipes with expanding foam as they launched a second day of direct action.

The vegan activists risked the wrath of the public after promising to continue their disruption until there were ‘supermarket shortages’ amid a cost-of-living crisis. 

Filmmaker Joel Scott-Halkes, 30, from Cornwall said: ‘We are going to continue disrupting the dairy industry for as long as it takes until there are supermarkets shortages.

‘We are going to do this until the Government and the new prime minister meets our demands.’

In a statement released online, an Animal Rebellion spokesperson said they were plunging the dairy giants into chaos ‘in the name of animal and climate justice’.

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